At Abbey we want our customers to receive the best advice. That’s why we’ve put together a number of guides to simplify the process of sourcing materials and tools, for whatever you're working on.



The essential tools to get you started

We’ve spoken to experts in leatherwork and in teaching the craft to create a list of the essential tool kit for leather craft.

With the right leather working kit and just a few basic skills you can create a range of leather goods such as belts, collars for your dog or cat, wallets and bags (maybe a workbag to carry your leather crafting kit).


The best type of leather for every leather project

Each type of leather has its own characteristics and is suited to different purposes. If you are new to leatherworking you may find the choice a little daunting. If so you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a short guide, in collaboration with Jo Heard from JH Leather, recommending the best type of leather for every leather project.


Get equipped for your next flocking course

A full reflock is a satisfying job. However, It can be daunting for those who have never ‘dropped a panel’ (cut the stitching to separate the panel from the seat), let alone ‘laced’ one back in again. Even if you have a tool list, how do you know that you are about to order the correct awl or needle … and what is a clicker knife? We hope that this guide will set you up to complete good work in your own workshop, having gained your flocking training.

Your essential kit for COLLAR & LEAD MAKING

Everything you need for making collars & leads

We’ll take you through the essential kit for making collars and leads. Whether you’re looking to make a leather collar or a Biothane lead we’ve got you covered.


Materials and hardware for an authentic rocking horse

Whether you are making or restoring a beloved rocking horse, you are going to need to source the right materials and hardware for the job. Here we’ve put together a short guide listing the materials and fittings for making a quality rocking horse. Discover our selection of rocking horse bits, other quality hardware and more.

Abbey's fashion Sketch book

Your essential fashion hardware

Taking inspiration from our talented customers, our artist has put together a fashion collection which includes shoulder bags, handbags, belts and purses. Flip through our sketch book and take note of the finer details. Here you will see our carefully selected hardware and materials which are readily available online.